While 'not perfect,' Will County members of Congress laud coronavirus relief bill (March 31, 2020)

Alex Ortiz
March 31, 2020

Members of Congress from the Will County area praised the passage of the massive relief bill to aid Americans and certain industries during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act last week. The $2 trillion bill will provide direct financial assistance to middle-class Americans and billions for education and public health efforts, according to a news release.

"This isn’t a perfect bill, and it won’t be the last action we’ll need to take as we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19 and support economic recovery – but it’s a strong step towards helping those who are hurting right now and cannot afford to wait," Rep. Bill Foster, D-Naperville, said in a statement.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon, also called the bill "not perfect" and expressed concern over the increase to the national debt, but argued it was necessary amid the pandemic.

"(T)hese are trying times and it’s imperative that we take these actions," Kinzinger said in statement. "The path to this bill was not easy, but we made the compromises necessary to rescue the American people and our economy."

Rep. Lauren Underwood, D-Naperville, also praised the CARES Act and highlighted its aid to state and local governments, as well as the loans and grants it helps funds for small businesses.

"This historic legislation puts the health and well-being of families and workers first so we can recover and rebuild from this virus and come back stronger," she said in a statement.

While Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-Western Springs, also described the bill at "far from perfect" he said it's an example of what Congress can do when it sets partisan differences aside.

"I encourage my fellow members to continue to work together in a bipartisan fashion to do what we are able to do to end this crisis as quickly as we can," Lipinski said in a statement. "We are all in this together, and everyone must do their part to help one another through this unprecedented crisis."

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