Lipinski Stands Firm Against Senate Bill Providing Federal Funds for Abortion (March 18, 2010)

Today, the complete version of the health care bill was finally released, along with the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the impact the measure could have on the deficit. A final vote on the health care bill in the House of Representatives is now expected on Sunday. Congressman Lipinski and roughly a dozen of his fellow pro-life House members continue to oppose the bill because it includes federal funding for abortion. Congressman Lipinski’s position on this issue has never changed. Last year, his leadership helped force a last minute change to the House health care bill to prevent funding for abortion. In the event that a similar change is made to the bill this time, Congressman Lipinski will base his vote on a careful analysis of the overall bill. Congressman Lipinski remains concerned about whether the bill does enough to lower soaring health care costs for families, about its long-term effect on America’s budget, and about its impact on seniors on Medicare. He strongly believes that health care reform is needed, but he believes it must be done right. Reform must lower health care costs and make insurance coverage more affordable and accessible. And it must do so without compromising the quality of care, adding to the swollen deficits of our country or our state, or negatively impacting seniors. Congressman Lipinski continues to carefully examine the bill to determine whether it meets these criteria.

To read the reconciliation bill that makes changes to the Senate health care bill, click here. To read the Congressional Budget Office’s evaluation of the bill’s fiscal impact, click here.

To listen to Congressman Lipinski being interviewed about his views on the health care bill on Wednesday morning, click here. To read his most recent statement on abortion funding in the health care bill, click here.

(March 18, 2010)



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