Issues & Legislation


On August 22, 2018, the USEPA released the latest version of its National Air Toxics Assessment, which maps cancer risk around the country based on air concentrations of 180 pollutants, including ethylene oxide.  This map used the updated cancer risk estimate for ethylene oxide which resulted in a significantly higher estimated cancer risk around the Sterigenics facility in Willowbrook and a higher estimated risk around the Elé Corporation facility in McCook.  This increase in predicted cancer risk is alarming.  Since this assessment was released, Congressman Lipinski has been in regular communication with federal and state agencies and both companies to take quick and decisive action to protect public health.

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3), founder and co-chair of the Congressional Buy American Caucus, has introduced the Buy American Improvement Act of 2017 to create American jobs, promote the domestic manufacturing industry, increase transparency and accountability in government procurement, and ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent in the U.S. whenever practicable.

Lipinski believes that restoring job growth and America's economic strength are the most important tasks facing our nation today.  Thousands of Third District residents are out of work or have seen their hours and wages cut.  Just as they continue to fight for their share of the American Dream, Lipinski is fighting for them and to make sure more do not suffer their fate. 

Lipinski is helping to lead the effort to revitalize American manufacturing, which is a critical source of good jobs for the middle class and which is essential to our ability to independently provide for the defense of our nation.  His National Manufacturing Strategy Act is now law and he has supported numerous bills aimed at increasing the competitiveness of American manufacturing.  

Rep. Lipinski is the senior member from the state on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and has helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars for critical transportation projects in the Third District and the surrounding area.

Lipinski takes great pride in looking out for the interests of the Third District's senior citizens while on Capitol Hill and stands ready to help them cut through bureaucratic red tape at home to get the services they need when they need them.  His office has helped countless seniors get answers and solve problems involving Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Veterans' benefits, the Postal Service, and many other federal issues. Congressman Lipinski hosts Senior Fairs throughout the year to give seniors a chance to get assistance with a variety of issues from his staff, as well as local organizations, agencies, and businesses.

Making sure we honor the service of each and every one of America’s veterans – in both word and deed – is of the utmost importance to Rep. Lipinski.  On a daily basis, his office helps veterans navigate the VA bureaucracy to get the care and benefits they have earned. As always, he continues to listen closely to Third District veterans and to work to ensure America fulfills its obligations to all those who have fought for our freedom.

Lipinski believes America must reduce its dependence on foreign oil, curb emissions that harm the environment and public health, enact policies that lower the high price of energy, and encourage innovation that leads the way toward the green economy of tomorrow and creates jobs.  He has worked diligently to protect residents of the Third District from polluters and to ensure the continued health of local natural resources.