112th Congress: The National Manufacturing Strategy Act, H.R. 1366

*Update: April 5, 2011* The National Manufacturing Strategy Act has been reintroduced by Congressman Lipinski as H.R. 1366.

*Update: July 28, 2010* The National Manufacturing Strategy Act has passed in the House of Representatives with overwhelming bi-partisan support. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) will introduce the legislation in the Senate. Click here to read more about the bill's passage.

Sponsored by Congressman Lipinski with 57 bi-partisan co-sponsors, the National Manufacturing Strategy Act requires the President to establish a Manufacturing Strategy Board within the Commerce Department that includes federal officials, two state Governors from different parties, and nine private-sector leaders and stakeholders from the manufacturing industry. The Board will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the manufacturing sector covering everything from trade issues to financing to the defense industrial base. Based on this analysis, the President’s Board will then develop a National Manufacturing Strategy that includes short- and long-term goals for the manufacturing industry and specific recommendations on how to achieve those goals. The recommendations may include actions that can be taken by the President, Congress, state and local governments, the private sector, universities, and industry associations. They may also include ways to improve government policies and coordination among federal agencies that impact manufacturing.

Click here to read the full text of this important legislation.