Rep. Lipinski Praises Manufacturers, Workers on Third Annual National Manufacturing Day (October 3, 2014)

Today, on the third annual National Manufacturing Day, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) is thanking our nation’s manufacturers and their hard-working employees for the critical role they play in our national economy and in keeping good-paying jobs in our local communities.

“Today is an opportunity to salute a sector of our economy that over the years has provided so many high quality jobs in my district and across the United States,” stated Rep Lipinski.  “Manufacturing is the linchpin of our economy and the foundation of our middle class, and I promise to continue working to see that manufacturing in this country is strengthened and provided with the tools necessary to thrive.”

To create a focused strategy for growing domestic manufacturing and reverse the offshoring of jobs, Congressman Lipinski has developed the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act, H.R. 2477.  This bill is a powerful tool for producing concrete action to help American manufacturers create jobs.  It requires the President to bring together private-sector leaders and government officials to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the manufacturing sector and develop a strategy that includes specific recommendations for promoting American manufacturing.  To make sure we stay the course, this strategy would be updated every four years and its implementation would be reviewed annually.  Lipinski’s bill passed the House in September as part of H.R.2996, the bipartisan Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) Act.

To ensure that the $530 billion the federal government spends annually on goods and services buys products made by American workers, Lipinski has introduced the Buy American Improvement Act, H.R. 3346.  Under this bill, products would have to be 75 percent made in America to be considered American-made, rather than only 50 percent.  In addition, before waiving Buy American requirements, federal agencies would be required to consider the impact on domestic employment and to undertake a more thorough search to make sure that no U.S.-made product is viable.  Finally, agencies would be prohibited from segmenting projects to slip under the minimum purchase threshold level that triggers the Buy American rules.

National Manufacturing Day is organized by several national manufacturing associations, as well manufacturers themselves, to draw attention to the industry through hundreds of events nationwide.  Students, teachers, parents, job seekers, and other local community members are invited to open houses designed to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers.  For more information on National Manufacturing Day, visit

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