We Can Never Say "Thank You" Enough


By Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3)


June 6th was the 70th Anniversary of the Allied D-Day Invasion of Normandy that cracked the Nazi’s “Atlantic Wall” and led to the liberation of Europe in WWII.  I was honored to be part of the Congressional Delegation that participated in events that commemorated this historic invasion and honored the brave men who risked and gave their lives to defeat fascism and protect the freedoms many of us now take for granted. 

On the hallowed ground of Normandy, you couldn’t help but be moved by the vivid stories of brave young men from all corners of our great nation.  They had never been to France before and some of them never quite got there.  The vast cemetery at Omaha Beach with graves marked by white marble crosses or the Star of David is a stark reminder that some Americans gave all for our freedom. 

The Americans that made it past the beach and into France found themselves in impossible situations, but they persevered.  I was honored to meet some of these men who participated in the invasion and to hear their stories of courage, just as I am honored to meet veterans who come out to DC to visit the WWII Memorial and those I meet around my district.  There are not many of them left, but these are the men who fought for freedom on the battlefield and then returned home and built our great nation. 

We can never say "thank you" enough for their service and sacrifice, but we must do all we can.  That is why I have been fighting to get to the bottom of the shameful VA scandal and help reform the system so that all veterans – from WWII to today – get the health care they deserve.  The resignation of Secretary Shinseki was necessary, but only the start of a comprehensive reform of the VA which should not stop until the system is giving veterans the health care they deserve.  

I encourage all veterans to continue to speak out on this issue.  No matter if you served in WWII or Afghanistan, peacetime or war, my door is always open to you and your family.  

And I ask everyone to do what they can to honor our veterans, and pray for the safety of all our men and women still serving our nation in the Armed Forces.