Congressman Dan Lipinski Works on Solutions to Save High Quality American Jobs

Congressman Dan Lipinski Works on Solutions
to Save High Quality American Jobs

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman Dan Lipinski participated in a bipartisan discussion hosted by the House Science Committee focusing on the realities facing the science and technology industry and our U.S. workers.

"It is appalling that U.S. Federal research and development funding over the last fifteen years has seen resounding declines," commented Rep. Lipinski. "We need to figure out a practical solution for those in our science and engineering fields who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing."

Expert panelists from industry and academia addressed current challenges regarding the continued loss of science and technology jobs to overseas locations. The loss of domestic science and technology jobs has not been seriously addressed, and the consequences of doing nothing could be profound.

It is difficult to determine how many jobs have actually been lost in recent years because there is a lack of sufficient or accurate data on the problem. For example, the U.S. Labor Department reported as part of a new survey that 4,633 jobs moved overseas during the first three months of 2004. Another report by the National Association of Software and Service Companies suggests that outsourcing from the U.S. is creating huge numbers of jobs in India - around 200,000 at the end of May last year.

Even with the lack of consistent data, offshoring's effect on U.S. education and educational institutions is evident. Rep. Lipinski went on to say, "In order for the U.S. to maintain its leadership in science and technology, not only must we find a way to attract a more diversified student population, but we must expand the innovative programs offered at our academic institutions."

"U.S. students, workers and industries deserve solutions that sustain technological leadership and promote job creation," concluded Congressman Lipinski.

(June 23, 2005)