Congressman Lipinski Speaks About Celebrating Earth Day

Congressman Lipinski Speaks About Celebrating Earth Day

WASHINGTON, DC - "Today is Earth Day, a time to renew our efforts in protecting the environment, our children and our future. As a community we must think about how our everyday choices benefit the environment such as recycling, conserving energy, using biodegradable items and buying energy efficient appliances.

"As a member of the Congressional Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Caucus, I am working toward implementing effective strategies for lowering energy costs and investing in technologies that significantly improve efficiency. Businesses and government must work together to bring innovative technologies and ideas into the marketplace.

"Additionally, I have expressed my full support for funding and expansion of EPA's Energy Star programs. This voluntary program - including Energy Star Labeled Products, Energy Star Homes and Energy Star Small Businesses - helps homeowners, businesses and consumers save money by investing in energy efficiency. Energy efficient choices can save families almost a third on their yearly energy bills with further savings of greenhouse gas emissions.

"With energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and policies that promote reliable sources of energy, we can ensure a healthy future for our communities. On Earth Day 2005, we must pledge our support to protect the environment on a daily basis. The future is in our hands."

(April 22, 2005)


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