Lipinski Addresses Climate Change

Lipinski Addresses Climate Change:
Science Committee Hearing 
on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emmissions




 WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman Dan Lipinski urged U.S. businesses to further utilize technology to advance the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

"A number of scientists and academies have concluded that the climate is changing - at times at alarming rates. Fortunately, feasible approaches to reducing carbon dioxide emissions are no longer out of reach," said Lipinski.

Much of the United States economy relies on energy derived from the combustion of fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, the by-product of which is carbon dioxide - a greenhouse gas. When all greenhouse gases are considered, the United States accounts for approximately one-fourth of current global greenhouse gas emissions annually.

The House Committee on Science heard from U.S. businesses who have implemented energy efficient practices and manufacturing changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Lipinski applauded the voluntary actions of these businesses for taking the lead even in the absence of mandatory requirements.

Lipinski concluded, "The businesses we heard from today have laid the groundwork in addressing climate change. They have proven that control measures can be implemented without disrupting the economy. We must work on providing greater incentives to all U.S. businesses so they will continue to develop new environmentally-friendly technologies and implement more reductions in greenhouse gas emissions."

(June 8, 2005)


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