Lipinski Bill Leads to the Creation of the First National Manufacturing Strategy in Over 200 Years

Thanks to a law authored by Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3), the federal Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has released the first American manufacturing strategy since the days of Alexander Hamilton.  

“Since I was first elected to Congress, I have been working to get Washington policymakers to understand the importance of American manufacturing and to create policies that promote manufacturing jobs,” said Rep. Lipinski.  “I am proud to have been able to pass the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act in 2014, which required the publication of this manufacturing strategy.  I am hopeful that this is a watershed moment for American manufacturing and leads to better policies which will help grow manufacturing jobs for years to come.”

The OSTP plan highlights the importance of the manufacturing sector to the current and future American economy.  It emphasizes the need to invest in innovation to improve manufacturing technologies and processes, which will make American manufacturing more “cutting edge” and give it an advantage over global competition.  The report also states that the country must better train its workforce for an increasingly technological manufacturing industry and expand the capabilities of the domestic supply chain.

In addition, the report prioritizes cybersecurity, invests in innovation programs that help spur product creation, expands manufacturing-oriented workforce development programs such as credentialing and apprenticeships, emphasizes the vital need to have a strong defense industrial base to produce strategically important goods focusing on areas like communications and electronics, and bolsters “Buy American” laws.

As co-chair of the Congressional Buy American Caucus, Lipinski is currently working to strengthen “Buy American” laws involving federal purchases.  He understands how critical it is that federal taxpayer dollars are spent at home, employing Americans whenever possible.  This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to create jobs and give the overall economy a boost.

“I’m looking forward to learning more about how the Administration plans to implement their manufacturing strategy through their budget and other legislation, and I promise to be a willing partner in pursuing new opportunities that expand and improve American manufacturing and jobs,” Lipinski said.  “I’m also planning to introduce legislation in the next Congress that will lead to the creation of regional manufacturing innovation clusters that foster the development and implementation of new processes and technologies.”

“Finally a blueprint on the policies and programs needed to ensure that ‘Made in America’ labels will be on the products we can purchase in our stores,” stated Bill Hickey, Chairman of the Lapham-Hickey Steel Corporation in Bedford Park, Illinois.  “This report is a must read for all Americans to understand the programs we as a country must provide our workers to achieve the education skills needed to produce in the ever-evolving advanced manufacturing economy.  This strategy report also details the policies that must evolve to ensure that we have the ability to provide the manufacturing positions that will create wealth for all of the people in the workforce.  The ability to create, innovate, and produce will unleash the creative genius of our people.  As long as our nation allows innovation and market economics to continue to provide the increase in our standard of living, manufacturing will be a leading sector of this evolution.  Congressman Dan Lipinski has been the major reason for the creation of this manufacturing strategy, and his dedication to the working men and women of this country should be admired by all of us who want to increase opportunity and economic growth for all of our fellow citizens.”

“Every single American should be pleased now that Congressman Lipinski’s vision for the nation’s first manufacturing strategy since the late 1700’s has finally become a reality,” said Zach Mottl, Chief Alignment Officer for Atlas Tool Works in Lyons, Illinois.  “In a world that is increasingly dominated by strategic competitors and countries who threaten the very underpinnings of American democracy, thanks to the Congressman’s leadership, our nation is developing a much-needed plan to ensure the continued success and security of American Manufacturing.”

“Ensuring a robust U.S. advanced manufacturing sector is critical to our nation’s future, and the Administration’s new strategy is an important step in that direction,” said Robert Atkinson, President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.  “It will be up to Congress to ensure adequate funding to fully implement the strategy.”

“I applaud Congressman Lipinski’s dedication to American workers and his leadership in introducing the legislation that made this report possible,” said Scott Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing.  “The report highlights what far too many fail to recognize, but what working Americans have always known: manufacturing is essential for the economic well-being of families, communities, and our nation as a whole.  The attention this report brings to our domestic manufacturing sector is vital to ensuring that policymakers understand why bolstering manufacturing benefits us all.  I welcome this report and urge decision-makers to take note.  American innovation, jobs, and opportunity depend on it.”