Lipinski Brings Home Millions in Federal Funds

 House Passes FY2009 Appropriations Bill
Today, the House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act which contains approximately $6.5 million for local projects requested by Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-03).

 "This federal funding will help enhance public safety, improve our environment, invest in new technologies, and expand access to educational and vocational services," stated Rep. Lipinski.  "Some people complain about ‘earmarks,' but I am proud of what these projects will do and the opportunities they will create locally.  Because Congress cut the number and amount of ‘earmarks' this year, I am especially pleased to bring back a significant amount of money for worthwhile projects that will improve the daily lives of area residents.  I look forward to the legislation's timely consideration in the Senate and final approval by the President." 

The FY2009 Omnibus Appropriations bill includes funding for the following projects requested by Rep. Lipinski:


  • $100,000 for the Village of Chicago Ridge Police Department to upgrade law enforcement equipment, software, and technology
  • $100,000 for the Village of Forest Park Police Department to install and upgrade law enforcement equipment and technology
  • $100,000 for the Village of Justice Police Department to acquire new portable radio devices
  • $200,000 for independent radio dispatch stations in Cook County, which would enhance communications between local villages and municipalities during emergencies
  • $2,077,000 for the National Center for Food Safety & Technology in Summit - run by the Illinois Institute of Technology - to conduct food safety technology research
  • $120,000 for the Cook County Environmental Infrastructure Fund to make local environmental improvements and boost water development
  • $411,000 to continue a feasibility study of the South Fork of the South Branch of the Chicago River, to address problems of odor and water quality issues
  • $951,500 for the Center for Catalysis and Surface Science at Northwestern University to research and develop clean energy alternatives
  • $951,500 for Northwestern University to study and develop breakthrough imaging technology, which would improve drug delivery, cancer therapies, gene delivery, and gene silencing
  • $165,072 for Seguin Services to provide employment and vocational training services for persons with disabilities
  • $143,000 for Catholic Charities in Chicago to provide outreach and employment training services for homeless veterans.
  • $190,000 for the Children's Museum in Oak Lawn to provide educational programs for area children.
  • $285,000 for Oak Lawn Family Service to provide counseling services to area residents
  • $190,000 for the Chicago Park District to renovate and rehabilitate a park/playground in the Mt. Greenwood area
  • $475,000 for Pace Suburban Bus to construct a new transit center servicing Toyota Park in Bridgeview

(February 25, 2009)