Lipinski Calls for a Full Investigation into Russia's Alleged Hacking and Attempts to Influence Election

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) issued the following statement after recent reports on Russia’s hacking of Americans and interference with the 2016 Presidential Election:

“I am deeply troubled by reports coming from the CIA regarding possible Russian interference in our recent elections.  Based on Russia’s actions taken against other nations, including Estonia, Georgia, and Ukraine, it is of little surprise that President Putin would attempt to influence our democratic process.  It is vital that we examine what occurred, and whether Russia sought to influence or more directly tamper with our elections.  I support the calls for a special investigation into this, not to cast doubt on the results of the election so much as to identify the scope and consequence of Russia’s attempted influence, and to assure we put in place measures to prevent this from occurring again.

“I will continue to make cybersecurity a top priority, but this will require cooperation that we don’t see enough of in Washington.  Democrats and Republicans need to work together with the outgoing Obama Administration and the incoming Trump Administration to develop a bipartisan proactive approach to protecting Americans from cyber thefts and attacks.”   

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