Lipinski Calls for a Hydrogen Fuel Economy

Lipinski Calls for a Hydrogen Fuel Economy

WASHINGTON, DC - In recognition of the upcoming Independence Day Holiday, the U.S. House of Representatives Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus hosted the "Race to End Energy Dependence Day," as the United States begins to move toward using more alternative fuels.

Hydrogen's only bi-product is water, making it a safe, reliable, abundant and an environmentally friendly fuel. "I am proud to join my colleagues in the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Caucus in promoting energy independence and pursuing a hydrogen fuel economy, "said Congressman Lipinski.

The event featured a mock hydrogen fueling station, hydrogen-powered motorcycles, a minivan by General Motors and a military style hydrogen truck. "These hydrogen vehicles demonstrate that we have the technology right now to move forward with the infrastructure needed for renewable fuels."

Congressman Lipinski stated, "As prices continue to rise and the supply of oil declines, we must become less dependent on other countries to meet our energy needs. It's time for America to determine its own energy future."

(June 28, 2005)


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