Lipinski Calls on Federal Regulator to Oversee Metra BNSF

Public transit riders deserve reliable service, but this year the Metra BNSF line has often failed to deliver it.  There have been repeated delays, cancellations, schedule changes, broken air conditioners, and other problems.  Passengers deserve much better and Congressman Lipinski is working to get BNSF and Metra to fix the problems.

In August, the Congressman brought Metra and BNSF together and put both on notice that they must fix the problems.  The two railroads then developed a plan to address the issues.  Despite some initial progress, train cancellations and delays have occurred yet again.  As a result, Lipinski in October called on the Surface Transportation Board, the federal railroad regulator, to increase its oversight of the operations of Metra’s BNSF line.

“As co-chair of the House Public Transit Caucus and a frequent transit rider, I fought for and was able to win a 10% increase in federal funding for public transit last Congress because more funding is needed to improve transit infrastructure including rail cars and locomotives,” Rep. Lipinski said.  “But there are no good excuses for the poor service BNSF Metra passengers have been receiving.  I’m going to continue to work to ensure that passengers get the service they deserve.”

To give riders a chance to pose questions to Metra and BNSF and make sure their experiences with service problems are heard, the Congressman is bringing high-ranking representatives from both railroads to an open public meeting on December 10th at 7 p.m. at McClure Junior High in Western Springs.