Lipinski Co-Sponsors Bill To Halt The Loss Of U.S. Jobs To China


Lipinski Co-Sponsors Bill To Halt The Loss Of U.S. Jobs To China

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman Dan Lipinski called for the repeal of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China, by joining his colleagues in introducing federal legislation. In the four years since the passage of PNTR with China, the U.S. trade deficit with China has escalated. The 2004 U.S. trade deficit with China is estimated to be 160 billion dollars.

The legislation introduced today would impose firm penalties on Chinese products entering the United States, until the United States Congress the ability to instead re-negotiate China's trade status on an annual basis.

"There simply is nothing normal about our so-called Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China. With China we have a trade deficit that's larger than we have ever had with any country," Rep. Lipinski said.

Since granting China PNTR status, the United States has lost more than 2.7 million manufacturing jobs, while China has created two and a half million manufacturing jobs.

"In addition to losing manufacturing jobs to China, we are now starting to lose high-tech jobs. American economic policy should not only be about profit, but should be about American workers as well," stated Lipinski.

The average factory wage in China is 40 cents per hour, which is one fortieth what U.S. factory workers are paid. In addition, computer network equipment production workers are paid $1 an hour in China and $12 an hour in Illinois.

"Sadly, American workers cannot compete against Chinese workers who are paid meager wages. Not only does PNTR harm American high-tech and manufacturing jobs and wages, but it severely exploits the Chinese workers. The status quo cannot continue. We must put an end to PNTR and stand up for American workers."

(February 9, 2005)


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