Lipinski Continues to Closely Examine Proposed Compromise to Reduce the Deficit, Raise the Debt Ceiling

Today, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) issued the following statement on the debt-ceiling proposal unveiled on Sunday:
“I am hopeful that the compromise both sides were able to reach will resolve the impasse and uncertainty that has been weighing on our nation. From the beginning, I have stated that we need to cut the deficit while protecting the middle class and make sure our government can pay its bills. My focus now is on carefully studying the legislative language to make sure it does the right thing for the American people and will in fact accomplish what it is supposed to accomplish. In 2008 when I studied the Wall Street Bailout bill I found that it was filled with loopholes and I could not support it. It is unfortunate that it took so long to sit down to work out a compromise and we don't have much time to act. But as a legislator, I cannot vote on the basis of an outline, however compelling – I need to see the details and I am carefully studying them now.”
(August 1, 2011)
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