Congress Passes $286.4 Billion Federal Highway Bill


WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman Lipinski joined his colleagues in passing H.R. 3, the Transportation Equity Act, a reauthorization of federal highway and transit funding.  Congressman Lipinski worked hard to ensure that the Third Congressional District will receive a significant share of federal transportation fund from this bill.

"I am very pleased to announce that the Third District will receive $26 million in federal dollars to improve our roads, enhance our sidewalks and pedestrian paths, build intrermodal parking facilities, construct bike paths, and increase pedestrian saftey in our neighborhood," said Lipinski.

Following is a list of projects that were requested by local communities and the amount of federal money secured by Congressman Lipinski:

Upgrading of streets and implementation of traffic and pedestrian safety signalization improvements in Oak Lawn - $4,112,000
A streetscaping project on Harlem Avenue from 71st Street to I-80 in Cook County -$3,280,000

Construction of pedestrian walkways and streetscaping projects in Western Springs - $3,553,600 

Construction of a parking facility in LaGrange - $3,232,000 

Construction of a parking facility and pedestrian walkways at 94th and South Oak Park Avenue in Oak Lawn - $192,000 

Construction of bike/pedestrian paths in Chicago -$2,480,000 

Upgrading streets in Stickney Township - $2,206,400 

Construction of a bike path, parking facility, and related transportation enhancement projects in North Riverside - $1,920,000 

Upgrading roads around the Brookfield Zoo - $1,200,000 

Construction of the Leon Pass overpass in Hodgkins - $768,000 

Upgrading of roads in Summit -$768,000 

Construction of a bike/pedestrian path and related facilities in Spring Rock Park in Western Springs -$576,000 

Street improvements in Merrionette Park -$480,000 

Street improvements in Westchester - $224,000 

Streetscaping onRidgeland Avenue, Oak Park Avenue, and 26th Street in Berwyn - $768,000

(July 28, 2005)


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