Lipinski Denounces Reckless Trump Administration Drilling Initiative

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement today:

“I strongly oppose the Trump Administration’s new proposal to open nearly all U.S. federal waters and coastlines to oil and gas drilling.  I support energy development at carefully selected sites where environmental concerns and the needs of regional economies have been taken into account.  That is how we have managed our oil and gas leasing program for years and the practice we should continue.  The Administration’s latest plan throws caution to the wind and threatens not only fragile marine environments, but also fisheries, tourism, and overall quality of life. 

“This decision could also lead to national security and military operational concerns, especially along Florida’s Gulf Coast, where the Pentagon says it needs a moratorium on drilling to stay in place until at least 2022 for training purposes.  This is yet another reckless move by a President driven to exploit our valuable national resources for short-term gain by a few companies.  I will work to reverse this irresponsible decision.”