Lipinski Gets Amendment Passed to Expand Successful Job Training Program for Veterans

An important amendment for veterans cosponsored by Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) was recently approved in the House.  The amendment expands the SkillBridge job training program by directing unit commanders to encourage participation for departing service members.  It also directs the Department of Defense to perform a comprehensive study so that they can evaluate and improve the program as needed.

“The SkillBridge Initiative helps returning veterans by providing them with job training and apprenticeship programs in areas that span every sector of the workforce,” stated Rep. Lipinski on the House floor before the vote took place.  “This program has already trained around 4,500 service members, and the 18 SkillBridge programs claim to have an employment rate of 100 percent so far.  Encouraging participation will help more of our veterans find employment when they re-enter civilian life.”

The amendment was approved as part of a larger package, and now moves on to the Senate.

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