Lipinski Helps Proclaim Casimir Pulaski an Honorary U.S. Citizen Posthumously

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-03) helped pass a resolution today in the House of Representatives proclaiming Casimir Pulaski to be an honorary U.S. citizen posthumously, citing his renowned heroism in fighting on the side of the American colonists against the British in the American Revolutionary War. 

Congressman Lipinski spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives in favor of the resolution. (Click here to view video of Congressman Lipinski's floor speech)

The text of his statement follows:

"As a proud Polish-American, I rise today to honor the life and service of Casimir Pulaski and ask my colleagues to support the passage of H.J. Res. 26.

Pulaski played an instrumental role and gave the ultimate sacrifice in support of the American Revolution and deserves our utmost respect and gratitude. Casimir Pulaski devoted his life to the cause of liberty around the world. Inspired by the plight of a young nation striving to be free, Pulaski traveled to America to serve under General George Washington. Quickly distinguishing himself as a brilliant military tactician, Pulaski was entrusted by General Washington with sole command of the fledgling national cavalry.

Pulaski was appointed brigadier general four days after a heroic performance at Brandywine, where he rescued the cavalry from certain defeat and saved the life of General Washington. General Pulaski also played an instrumental role in conflicts with British forces in the battles of Germantown, Little Egg Harbor, and Minisink before heading south to Charleston and ultimately Savannah.

It was in Savannah that General Pulaski was struck with cannon fire while charging into battle. He died a few days later at the age of 34. In Chicago, we honor Casimir Pulaski with his name on a major road. In Illinois, we honor Pulaski with a state holiday, Pulaski Day.

Today, let us do what he is truly deserving of: Let us give Casimir Pulaski - this brave, deserving patriot - the rare honor of being named an honorary American citizen. I urge my colleagues to support this resolution."

The resolution passed unanimously, 422-0.

(October 7, 2009)


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