Lipinski Joins "Next Generation" to Fight for American Manufacturing

Lipinski Joins "Next Generation" to Fight for American Manufacturing

WASHINGTON, D.C.  - Congressman Dan Lipinski joined a group of young leaders in manufacturing to discuss ways to strengthen American manufacturing and grow American jobs.  Lipinski, a member of the House Manufacturing Caucus, spoke at a gathering of the Precision Metalforming Association's "Next Generation of Manufacturers" group.  He urged members of Congress and the President to support legislation to give American manufacturers the tools they need to succeed in the global market.

"We have to get the message out," Lipinski said, "America needs to support manufacturing and keep these good-paying, strategically important jobs in this country.  With a level playing field, American manufacturers can outperform anyone in the world.  But we have not taken the steps we need to maintain this level field. " 

Lipinski called on Congress to address unfair trade practices, such as China's currency manipulation which acts both as a subsidy for Chinese exports to the United States and as a hidden duty on U.S. products that would be imported into China.  Congressman Lipinski is a cosponsor of H.R. 1498, The Chinese Currency Act of 2005, which would enable American manufacturers and workers to gain relief from this practice.  Lipinski also discussed the need to act now to make health care more affordable, especially for small businesses. 

Lipinski stated that the problems of American manufacturers are not getting the recognition they deserve.  "The Bush Administration simply does not seem to be concerned about the loss of American manufacturing jobs," he said.  Congressman Lipinski emphasized the importance of manufacturing to our economy, both in terms of jobs, and maintaining a strong industrial base.  "These jobs are not simply replaceable by service-sector jobs - and once lost, they are not coming back." 

Carl "Chip" Michaelsen, one of the lead speakers at the event, and President and CEO of ODM Tool & Manufacturing Company in McCook, asked members of Congress to work with the next generation of leaders to save manufacturing.  "Our families have for generations poured our hearts and souls into our businesses," he said.  "We provide good jobs at good wages for millions of American workers, and our impact on the American economy deserves greater recognition here in Washington."

(September 15, 2006)


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