Lipinski Named a Top Bipartisan Legislator of 2013

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) introduced more bipartisan pieces of legislation than any other Democrat in the House of Representatives in 2013, according to an independent analysis by The website, one of the leading online resources for tracking members of Congress and congressional voting records, found that 83 percent of Rep. Lipinski’s bills and resolutions last year had cosponsors from both parties.

“My job as a Representative is not just to complain and blame, but to propose and work for solutions to problems that my constituents and our nation face,” Rep. Lipinski said. “In this era of bitter partisanship and divided government, with different parties representing each chamber of Congress, it is more important than ever to reach across the aisle and build consensus if we are ever going to get anything done in Washington.

“Ever since I was elected to Congress, I have made it a priority to work with all sides on legislation that helps create jobs, improves the lives of middle-class Americans, and makes America an even stronger nation. I will continue working with my colleagues across the political spectrum in 2014 to be a real problem solver for the American people. ”

Among the key bipartisan pieces of legislation Rep. Lipinski introduced in 2013 were the Buy American Improvement Act (HR 3346), the Hospital Price Transparency and Disclosure Act (HR 2853), the American Manufacturing Competitvness Act (HR 2447) and the Customs Training Enhancement Act (HR 1322).

In its 2013 Report Card, noted that the only House member to author more bipartisan pieces of legislation was U.S. Rep. Edward Royce (CA-39). A complete listing can be viewed by clicking HERE or visiting by