Lipinski: Once Short-Term Bill is Approved, Congress Must Quickly Pass a Longer-Term Bill Extending the Payroll Tax Cut and Unemployment Insurance and Preventing a Medicare Cut that Threatens Seniors' Access to Their Doctors


Today, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement on the decision by House Republicans to support the Senate’s short-term extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance and move forward with negotiating a longer-term extension. The Senate bill also prevents a Medicare cut that would threaten seniors’ access to their doctors.


“House Republicans made the right decision to end the standoff and prevent the middle class from being hit by a tax increase and the loss of unemployment benefits, as well as prevent seniors from losing access to their doctors,” Rep. Lipinski said. “As I said before, I believe Congress should have been able to agree on a full-year deal to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance and prevent a harmful cut to Medicare. But with the Senate having failed to produce such a bill and refusing to return to Washington, its short-term extension was the only way to avoid a tax hike and a drastic reduction in unemployment insurance at a time when the middle class is still suffering. What matters now is that both the House and Senate work together to quickly finalize a longer-term deal. We cannot afford more political posturing on this issue that takes up valuable time and prevents Washington from focusing on promoting job creation and dealing with the many issues still on its agenda. Among other things, Congress should do everything possible to pass the overdue transportation bill, which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the short term and build infrastructure projects that cut down on congestion, enhance safety, and boost long-term economic efficiency and growth.


“Congress has got to stop bickering and kicking the can down the road on important matters as Americans continue to suffer. As I told those who attended my town hall meeting last month, I am as fed up with Congress as they are. The House is getting little done for the American people and the Senate has largely ceased to function. But I will continue to fight as I always have for the middle-class workers and retirees of the Third District and the nation.”



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