Lipinski: Pulling Out of Climate Agreement Abdicates American Leadership

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement today:

“When President Trump first announced his intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement 3 years ago, I immediately called this decision short-sighted and damaging to our environment and economy. This official step today in pulling out of the agreement is a continuation of the President’s abdication of American leadership.  Since I was first elected to Congress I have been fighting for real action on climate change. The first two pieces of legislation I wrote that were signed into law a dozen years ago helped to reduce the emission of climate change gases. A decade ago I helped introduce the first bill ever in Congress to fight climate change, a carbon fee that was fully refunded to taxpayers.  This year I introduced a similar bill which has gained bipartisan support. This legislation is the type of commonsense approach we need to take to address climate change. I will continue my leadership on this critical issue.”