Lipinski: Republican Spending Bill is Bad for Middle Class and Nation

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement today:

“Today, I voted against the massive, highly-partisan omnibus spending bill.  Simply put, it is the wrong direction for our nation.  If approved, it would gut essential agencies and programs that protect the environment, further scientific exploration and research, regulate Wall Street, repair and enhance our infrastructure, improve education for everyone, strengthen our economy, help our neighbors get back on their feet, and build critical relationships at home and around the world. 

“If signed into law, the bill would hurt efforts to strengthen the economy and equip workers, especially the middle class, with the training they need for better-paying jobs.  It would also slash investments in infrastructure and economic development, negatively impact access to Pell Grants and after-school programs, eliminate Registered Apprenticeship grants, and cut Workforce Innovation grants.

“It would put our overall health and safety at risk by gutting the EPA and other agencies that work to keep our air and water clean, and reduce funding for the law enforcement organizations we rely on.  In addition, the GOP bill actually prohibits the use of funds to implement or enforce the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which will lead to less health coverage and higher costs.  My constituents and all Americans deserve much better than this, and hopefully we can get there with bipartisan support before the end of the year.”  

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