Lipinski Responds to Decision to Delay Healthcare Employer Mandate

“It is good news that the Obama Administration has decided to further delay the employer healthcare mandate because they see that it cannot be implemented without harming employers and job creation,” said Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3).  “I have had and continue to have many concerns about the impact of the Affordable Care Act; that is why I voted against it and I have sponsored, cosponsored, or voted for two dozen changes to the law.  Legislation I support, like the bipartisan Save American Workers Act - a bill that changes the ACA's definition of full time work from 30 to 40 hours - needs to become law to help preserve the take-home-pay of millions of Americans.  It is about time that the President, along with both parties, put the rhetoric aside and work to identify the significant problems that still exist with the law and fix them - this is what the American people expect of us.  I will continue to reach out to my constituents for their input on this well-intentioned, but deeply flawed law.”

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