Lipinski Seeks Funding for Rail Line Improvement Grants to Aid Communities

Lipinski Seeks Funding for
Rail Line Improvement Grants
to Aid Communities
Lipinski Offers Amendment to Fund Rail Program at $30 Million 

Washington D.C. - Today, Congressman Dan Lipinski offered an amendment to the Transportation-Treasury-HUD Appropriations bill.  This bipartisan amendment would appropriate $30 million for the Capital Grants Rail Line Relocation and Improvement Program, a federal grants program that would invest in rail infrastructure by addressing congestion, safety, and quality of life issues, including the building of railroad underpasses and the creation of quiet zones.  

"Railroads are a vital mode of transportation in the United States, and the federal government continues to severely under invest in our rail needs," said Lipinski during floor debate.  "Railroads provide numerous public benefits, including efficient freight shipment, fuel conservation, pollution reduction, traffic congestion relief, and economic development." 

"The Third District has great needs for rail improvements and these grants could provide a great assistance by building railroad underpasses, improving safety at crossings, and helping to implement quiet zones in our communities," said Lipinski.    Lipinski's amendment reflected bipartisan support from across the country and would provide much needed investment into local rail projects.

During the debate today Rep. Lipinski said, "This money would be vital in funding projects that will not only help economic development and create jobs, but also alleviate adverse effects of rail traffic on our communities."   

"With Chicago as our nation's premier transportation hub and the meeting point of many of America's major rail lines, investing in rail infrastructure makes sense for the Third District.  It will improve our local economy, reduce our road congestion, and improve our overall quality of life."   "As I have discussed with Ranking Member Olver, this is an important program critical to improving rail infrastructure in this country. I will continue to work with the Ranking Member to see that this program gets included in Conference," said Lipinski.

(June 14, 2006)