Lipinski Statement in Advance of Today's Aviation Subcommittee Hearing on the Boeing 737 MAX

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement today:

“This morning the Aviation Subcommittee of the House Transportation Committee is holding a hearing as part of our investigation of the Boeing 737 MAX. Following the crashes of a Lion Air flight and an Ethiopian Airlines flight that killed 346 people, we need to get to the bottom of what happened so we can do whatever we can to ensure the safety of air passengers.  From what we know so far, it seems clear that something went wrong in the FAA’s safety certification of the 737 MAX. We need to figure out what it was. If it was the certification process itself, we need to fix it to avoid a repeat.  If it was a problem with lack of compliance with the process, then we must hold accountable whoever did not adequately comply - at the FAA and/or Boeing.  In addition, steps must be taken to further guarantee compliance from now on.  I look forward to questioning and hearing from the FAA Acting Administrator and the Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board.”

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