Lipinski Supports New Sanctions Against Russia, Iran, and North Korea

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement after voting for new sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea:

“This bipartisan measure sends a strong and clear message to these nations that their continued aggression towards us or our allies will not be tolerated.

“Russia is a direct threat to our NATO friends in the Baltics and in Poland, as well as a threat to peace and stability in the entire Western world.  In the recent past, Russia has continued its hostile actions in Ukraine, sought to interfere in elections in the West, deployed treaty-violating nuclear cruise missiles, slaughtered innocent civilians in Syria, and grown increasingly close to Iran.

“Despite past agreements, evidence shows that Iran continues to pursue the development and expansion of their military operation.  That and their long record of human rights abuses shows that they have very little interest in relinquishing their status as a state sponsor of terrorism.

“In recent months, North Korea has continued to build up and flaunt their illegal nuclear weapons program.  In the face of very real threats to our country, we must close loopholes exploited by the Kim regime, and focus on countries, groups, and individuals that conduct business with North Korea.

“This sanctions bill brings some reassurance to our constituents and others around the world that the United States Congress will not stand by while others attempt to undermine American strength and resolve.  Hopefully, the President will sign this important legislation.  If not, I’m confident there is enough bipartisan support in Congress to override a veto.”