Lipinski Votes for Plan to Make Reasonable Cuts and Avert a Government Shutdown

On Tuesday, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-03) voted for H.J. Res 44 to extend funding for the federal government for two weeks while making reasonable budget cuts of $4 billion, giving both sides time to reach agreement on a spending bill for the rest of the year. The bill passed with bipartisan support, 335-91.

“This short-term extension is a step in the right direction as we work to restore fiscal discipline in Washington while continuing to invest in essential programs,” Congressman Lipinski said. “What’s important now is that we continue to focus on reducing unnecessary spending while preserving investments that keep our middle class strong, create jobs, and ensure America remains competitive. There is middle ground between those who reflexively oppose any spending reductions and those who want to make extreme cuts that hurt job creation and harm working families. I will continue to support a sensible compromise that keeps our government running.”

Previously, Congressman Lipinski parted ways with most Democrats and voted for a resolution calling for a reduction in spending for the rest of this fiscal year to 2008 levels. But the spending bill that House Republicans later offered, H.R. 1, included cuts that went far beyond that level. H.R. 1 would cost hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs and slash support for transportation, public safety, the environment, Wall Street oversight, and America’s long-term competitiveness. Congressman Lipinski therefore opposed the bill. He continues to support common-sense spending cuts while helping ensure America remains strong.

“Part of the reason I didn’t vote for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout or the $1 trillion health care bill is that I believe our government cannot spend recklessly and borrow with abandon,” Congressman Lipinski said. “But we also cannot cut with our eyes closed. Last week I stood at the planned site of the Englewood Flyover, whose funding would be eliminated by H.R. 1. That would mean the direct loss of 1,450 jobs, more delays on Metra’s Rock Island and Southwest Service lines, and a loss of economic development in Chicagoland. We must continue to make such investments, which are critical for the future of our nation, especially our middle class.”

(March 2, 2011)