Lipinski Votes for Responsible Bipartisan Budget Agreement

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) voted today for the bipartisan agreement that sets the federal government’s spending for the remainder of fiscal year 2012. The bill, H.R. 2055, avoids a government shutdown, preserves investments in programs that are essential for the American middle class, and adheres to the bipartisan deficit-reduction compromise passed by Congress in August. H.R. 2055 passed the House 296-121 and now goes to the Senate.

"While Congress has once again waited until the last minute to fulfill its duty and establish spending levels for the federal government, I am glad that this deal respects the limits set in the deficit-reduction act and that it preserves investments critical for job creation and a strong middle class," Rep Lipinski said. "Certainly the final bill was not perfect. But a willingness to accept a reasonable compromise is essential if we are to keep moving forward and to find solutions to the many problems we confront. While partisanship has brought Washington to the brink on many occasions this year, I have continued to urge my colleagues to put aside their differences and seek common ground. I voted for the bipartisan budget deal that prevented a government shutdown in April, as well as the short-term extensions that enabled us to reach that compromise. Following that, I voted for the Budget Control Act to begin the process of bringing the national debt down to sustainable levels. I was also one of the 100 House members who signed a bipartisan letter in October in support of a comprehensive, $4 trillion deficit-reduction plan that helps assure a bright economic future for the American people. With my vote today, I continue my efforts to chart a sustainable fiscal course for our government while promoting job creation for the middle class through my five-point Jobs Plan."


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