Nanotechnology Holds Great Promise

WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Dan Lipinski today attended a U.S. House Committee on Science hearing addressing emerging needs in the growing field of nanotechnology, which is the research and development of very small particles.

"Nanotechnology is one of the most promising technologies of our time and could revolutionize industries ranging from transportation to medicine, as well as have a huge impact on improving our national security," stated Congressman Lipinski.  "Furthermore, Illinois is a leader among the states in research and development of this emerging technology."

In Illinois, Northwestern University houses the Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly, one of the first federally funded centers of its kind.  It has helped develop collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs on this cutting edge technology, creating jobs and the potential for entirely new industries.  In these times of increasing economic competitiveness, this new technology is even more critical.

During the hearing, the witnesses specifically discussed the lack of guidelines and regulations needed to insure the environmental, health and safety of products resulting from nanotechnology.  Without these guidelines, entrepreneurs and businesses will be less inclined to invest in nanotechnology breakthroughs.

"There is so much potential for our economy with nanotechnology that we must find a comprehensive way to resolve these issues," added Lipinski.  "Our economic future may depend on it."

(September 21, 2006

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