Rep. Lipinski Celebrates Blackhawks' Stanley Cup Win

Today, lifelong Chicago Blackhawks fan Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) congratulated the team on ending its 49-year Stanley Cup drought in spectacular fashion with a dramatic victory over the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday night in Philadelphia. With Rep. Lipinski having won his wager with Rep. Robert Brady of Philadelphiaon the outcome of the series, Rep. Brady delivered cheese steaks from Geno’s Steaks in South Philly to Rep. Lipinski’s office on Thursday at noon and posed for photos wearing a Blackhawks jersey.

“Since I was a kid wearing my Blackhawks jersey and listening to Lloyd Pettit on the radio, the Stanley Cup has been the dream; now that dream has been fulfilled,” Rep. Lipinski said. “It was an amazing game, an incredible series, and an unbelievable season. Last Sunday the excitement and noise at the United Centerwas incredible, and the way the Hawks played that night convinced me they would finish it off in Game 6. To take the Cup on the road is especially tough, but this team never stopped believing and never stopped fighting. Going into the series, it was clear they were the superior squad. But talent isn’t everything, and the Hawks showed tremendous heart and resilience when it counted most. They shrugged off the past, silenced the doubters, and secured a place for themselves in the history books. It is great to see the city celebrate our Blackhawks!”


Lipinski Celebrates Blackhawks Victory


(June 10, 2010)



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