Rep. Lipinski Celebrates National Engineers Week

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) has introduced a resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National Engineers Week, which is being celebrated this week across the country.  He is also an original cosponsor of a resolution supporting the goal of increasing the number of African American women and girls in engineering.  The theme of this year’s Engineers Week is “Engineers: Inspiring Wonder.”  As one of only 19 engineers in Congress, Lipinski introduced the resolution to recognize the important role engineers play in society and to help inspire more young people, especially young women and under-represented minorities, to choose careers in engineering. 

“I love this year’s Engineers Week theme because it emphasizes how exciting engineering can be,” said Rep. Lipinski.  “From huge buildings and bridges to tiny devices that go in our pockets or inside our bodies, engineering is evident in every area of our lives.  This theme also underscores key engineering skills that I think are often overlooked, curiosity and creativity.”

National Engineers Week focuses on celebrating how engineers make a difference in our world, increasing public dialogue about the need for more engineers, and bringing engineering to life for children, educators, and parents.   

Leading up to Engineers Week, Congressman Lipinski hosted an event on Capitol Hill highlighting Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.  The event was organized by DiscoverE, a foundation that promotes engineering outreach and volunteerism, and featured talks by women engineers from many different age and racial/ethnic groups, as well as young women aspiring to careers in engineering.

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