Rep. Lipinski Helps Launch "Make It In America" Jobs Plan to Revitalize Manufacturing and Boost the Middle Class

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) joined House Democrats today to unveil the new Make It In America plan to create good middle class jobs by revitalizing domestic manufacturing. Rep. Lipinski, who has contributed legislation to the Make It In America agenda the last two Congresses, was recognized for his Customs Training Enhancement Act and American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act, two key pieces of legislation that promote job creation in our communities.
“Manufacturing is vital to our nation, providing the foundation for our middle class, assuring a reliable defense industrial base, and innovating the next generation of goods to drive our economy’s growth,” Rep. Lipinski said at a press conference in Washington, D.C. “The Make It In America agenda has helped bring focus to some of the key issues faced by America’s middle class and those who aspire to work to reach the middle class. This latest agenda will continue the important work of helping our communities recover by highlighting what America does best – American workers producing quality products.”
Last month, Rep. Lipinski introduced the Customs Training Enhancement Act (H.R. 1322) which will enable American firms and workers who are undercut by illegal imports to work with Customs to stop those illicit goods at our ports. Far too often foreign suppliers use mislabeling to evade anti-dumping or countervailing duties – measures put in place to protect American manufacturers and workers from unfair trade.  This legislation will encourage private-public partnerships to improve our customs enforcement and protect American jobs. The congressman soon will be reintroducing his bipartisan American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act. The legislation, which overwhelmingly passed the House last year, will bring together business, labor, academia, and government to develop recommendations for policies that will improve the ability of American manufacturers to compete globally. 
Other Make It In America legislation in this Congress will be focused on making progress in four key areas: developing a national manufacturing strategy, increasing manufacturing exports, encouraging businesses to bring innovation and jobs back home, and investing in training and securing the skilled workforce needed to support manufacturing in the 21st Century. The priorities were developed after hearing from leaders in business and labor about the policies that would make the biggest difference in helping businesses and workers literally make it in America. House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer has been leading a group of Democrats supporting the Make It In America Agenda for America’s middle class. For more information on the Make It In America jobs plan, visit 
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