Rep. Lipinski Joins Bipartisan Effort for Solution to Government Shutdown

With the federal government shutdown reaching its third day and no end in sight, U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) joined a bipartisan group of House members today in offering a path to getting the government up and running again. At a joint appearance with more than 20 Democratic and Republican colleagues, Rep. Lipinski urged the passage of a continuing resolution that extends current funding levels for six months and provides both sides the opportunity to sit down and get the country’s fiscal house in order for the long term.

“This proposal is not my first choice and it is far from ideal. Both sides should have sat down and worked out a full-year funding bill and a long-term debt reduction plan that eliminates the sequester, while also agreeing to raise the debt ceiling. But if the ideal is not possible in the legislative process, it is critical to work together to get the best possible outcome for the American people. Insisting on one position and refusing to compromise hurts our nation, as we see happening with this shutdown,” Rep. Lipinski said. “Today I am happy to join with a bipartisan group of members who understand this and are offering a credible, commonsense solution to reopen the federal government. This solution is not perfect, but it is a good-faith effort to advance the common good of our nation. Once funding is restored, Congress and the President should immediately sit down and get to work on raising the debt ceiling and addressing our long-term debt problem. Then we can return to other issues, especially the most important business of fixing the economy and getting people back to work. It is time for bold, commonsense action that prioritizes the good of the American people, not politics.”

To facilitate passage the group is calling for a fully offset repeal of the medical device tax scheduled to take effect next year.

Since it took effect Oct. 1, the shutdown has cost the U.S. economy an estimated $300 million a day and resulted in real-life consequence for millions of Americans. In Rep. Lipinski’s district, his office has heard from constituents unable to get new Social Security cards and or file their taxes on time due to the IRS closing its doors, as well as from small businesses concerned about their operations continuing because the government inspectors they rely on to function are being furloughed.  

On Wednesday, the congressman assisted a group of veterans with Honor Flight Chicago, accompanied by friends and family, to visit the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C., despite the threat of being turned away by the National Park Service due to the shutdown.  

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