Rep. Lipinski Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement today on the nuclear agreement reached by the P5+1 and the Republic of Iran:

“Today an agreement was announced with the intent of forestalling a nuclear armed Iran.  This is a very critical goal and I will be closely examining the text of the proposed agreement.  But nonetheless, I remain highly skeptical of Iran’s intent, and fear that there is little basis for us to trust their adherence to the agreement’s inspections, restrictions, and transparency.  Furthermore, the significant resources that Iran would receive once sanctions are removed, upwards of $100-150 billion, gives me great concern that this cash infusion will embolden them in their support for terrorism, Syria’s regime, and threats against Israel.  Iran’s contributions to war and unrest in the region cannot be overstated. 

“I am glad that Congress has a role in reviewing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.  I will carefully review the agreement prior to votes on the matter.  My vote will be based on what I believe will provide the best chance for peace and security for America, the region, and the world.”

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