Rep. Lipinski Thanks Manufacturers, Workers on National Manufacturing Day

Today, on the sixth annual National Manufacturing Day, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) is praising manufacturers and their hard-working employees in the district and across the nation for the important role they play in our economy and for bringing good-paying jobs to our communities.

In 2014, Lipinski's bill requiring the nation to have a plan for boosting manufacturing jobs, known as the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act, became law.  Because of this law, the government will be required next year to produce the first strategy to promote American manufacturing since the days of Alexander Hamilton. 

“Today is an opportunity to honor those who work in a sector of our economy that over the years has provided tens of millions of good-paying middle-class jobs,” said Rep. Lipinski.  “We celebrate Manufacturing Day each year to recognize the manufacturing industry’s part in the growth and prosperity of the U.S. economy, and raise awareness of the important investment and career opportunities within the manufacturing sector.”

The most recent data shows that the manufacturing industry contributes $2.17 trillion to the U.S. economy.  Manufacturers employ 12.3 million workers across the country and support an additional 18.5 million jobs in the U.S., which is about one in every six private-sector jobs.

As co-chair of the Congressional Buy American Caucus, Congressman Lipinski has worked to strengthen “Buy American” laws which impact federal purchases when it comes to transportation.  He understands how critical it is that federal taxpayer dollars are spent at home, employing Americans whenever possible.

“We must strengthen ‘Buy American’ laws and close the loopholes that allow our tax dollars to employ foreign workers rather than Americans,” Rep. Lipinski said.  “Buying American is one of the fastest and most effective ways to create jobs and give the overall economy a boost.”

National Manufacturing Day is organized by several national manufacturing associations, as well as manufacturers themselves, to draw attention to the industry through hundreds of events nationwide.

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