Rep. Lipinski Urges Administration to Consult Congress on Syria

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) issued the following statement today on the possibility of United States involvement in Syria and the need to involve Congress on a plan of action:

“Like most Americans, I have been alarmed by the horrific events that have occurred and continue to occur in Syria. We know that as many as 100,000 people have been killed and 2 million refugees — half of them children — are residing in neighboring countries, potentially destabilizing the entire region. Now we suspect that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons against the Syrian people. The situation calls out for attention.

“But before there is any American intervention in Syria, the Obama administration must have a plan of action and include all members of Congress in consultations before that plan is carried out. Contrary to some erroneous media reports, there are only a small number of Congressional members who have had the opportunity to discuss this situation with the administration. This week, I joined more than 140 of my House colleagues from both side of the aisle in urging the President to consult with Congress before taking any action in Syria.

“Many Americans are rightfully concerned about involvement in Syria, as am I. It is imperative for the President to address not only Congress but also the American public about his plans for Syria and why he believes these steps are necessary.”

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