Rep. Lipinski Votes for No Budget, No Pay Act

"Today I voted in support of HR 325, No Budget, No Pay Act. I am one of the representatives who has been a co-sponsor of Rep. Jim Cooper's similar legislation (HR 310) because I believe that if you don't do your job, you should not get paid.

"Today's bill also would extend the debt ceiling to May 19, so we can continue to meet the obligations of the federal government. While this applies another Band-Aid to our larger budget and debt problems, we still face a March 1 deadline regarding the sequestration budget cuts and an April 1 deadline when the current funding bill for the federal government runs out. I am hopeful that these deadlines will finally force Congress and the President to tackle our debt problem. No more excuses. We have ample opportunity to engage in a serious discussion that brings about meaningful tax reform and strengthens entitlements while finally arriving at a long-term solution to the country's skyrocketing debt. I have been a leading proponent of reaching a bipartisan agreement along the lines of the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission recommendations. Continuing to put this off creates a serious threat to our economy and American jobs."

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