Representative Lipinski Addresses Chicagoland Engineers

Representative Lipinski Addresses Chicagoland Engineers,
Discusses Plans for Alternative Energy and Education Improvement


CHICAGO - U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski (IL-3rd) called for improvements in math and science education, as well as support for research and development and alternative energy at the annual Chicagoland Engineering Awards Banquet on Friday.  The event is part of the annual Chicagoland Engineers Week held each year during National Engineers Week. (Click here to read Congressman Lipinski's speech from the awards dinner)


"Since my election to Congress I have been working with fellow members of the House Science and Technology Committee to improve our education system, particularly for science, technology, engineering, and math education," stated Lipinski, who holds engineering degrees from Northwestern University and Stanford University.  "As the newly elected Vice-Chairman of the Committee, I am ready to lead the way in enacting new legislation that will keep our nation at the forefront of technology, increase the number of good American jobs, and help the environment."


"Today we need the innovative capabilities of America's engineers to confront the new challenges before us, such as developing American energy independence, finding solutions to confront global climate change, and making our nation more secure.  By harnessing America's ingenuity and innovative capabilities, we can spur the development of clean renewable energy and alternative fuels that will create good-paying jobs and a more secure America."


Lipinski also praised the students who were awarded at the banquet for their work in the Future City Competition, Mathcounts, the Bridge Building Contest, the Illinois State Science Fair, and the Essay & Poster Contest. "I would like to congratulate the winners of each of these competitions - and your parents and teachers -- for your hard work and determination," said Lipinski. "You are the ones we will count on in the coming years to help us address the challenges we face."


Each year as part of the Awards Banquet, the Washington Award is conferred upon an engineer in recognition of their service.  This year's Washington Award was presented to Michael Birck, Founder and Chairman of Tellabs, Inc., for his work in revolutionizing the telecommunications industry around the world.  Some of the previous recipients of the Washington Award include Herbert Hoover, Orville Wright, Henry Ford, and Neil Armstrong.

(February 26, 2007)


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