Reps. Lipinski, Manzullo Discuss Saving American Manufacturing Jobs

Reps. Lipinski, Manzullo Discuss
Saving American Manufacturing Jobs
with Business, Labor, Government Leaders at Hearing

BEDFORD PARK, IL  - U.S. Reps. Dan Lipinski (IL-3rd) and U.S. Rep. Don Manzullo (IL-16th) were joined by more than 20 business, labor and government leaders Monday at a local steel products plant to discuss ways to save American manufacturing jobs.

"Manufacturing has always been the bedrock of our economy, providing solid high-paying jobs for American families," Congressman Lipinski said at the Field Hearing and Roundtable Discussion of the Small Business Committee. "Manufacturing has been the engine for building a strong middle class and is critical for our national security."

Congressman Manzullo, Chairman of the Small Business Committee, and Rep. Lipinski, Ranking Member on the Workforce, Empowerment, and Government Programs Subcommittee, organized the hearing at Archer Wire in Bedford Park to hear directly from business people and labor leaders most affected by foreign competition.

"Chairman Manzullo has been a tireless and forceful advocate for U.S. manufacturing and he understands this issue faces all American workers and companies," Congressman Lipinski said. "I asked the Chairman to bring this hearing to the Third District and I am pleased that he agreed to come to Archer Wire today."

Rep. Lipinski pointed to the loss of more than 3 million manufacturing jobs in the United States since 1998 as evidence that free trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China are not benefiting American businesses or workers.

"Chairman Manzullo and I agree that China's trade policies are a major problem when our annual trade deficit with that country is more then $162 billion," Rep. Lipinski said. "There is nothing normal about our so-called Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China."

Congressman Lipinski has consistently supported the implementation of fair trade policies with China and other nations.

"No more NAFTAs, CAFTAs or PTNRs for China," Congressman Lipinski said. "Trade is necessary and we can compete, but we must have fair trade."

Rep Lipinski has also supported increased education and training for workers, as well as measures to increase U.S. competitiveness, including his sponsorship of the Steel & Aluminum Act. This legislation, which will help preserve jobs in the metal industry while protecting the environment, was guided through the Committee on Science and a successful House vote by Congressman Lipinski.

"We need to increase funding for the Small Business Innovation Research Program and Manufacturing Extension Partnership, as well as strengthen ‘Buy American' laws for Federal procurement," Rep Lipinski said. "In addition, we need to make healthcare more affordable and available to small businesses and their employees."




U.S. Reps. Dan Lipinski (IL-03) (left) and Don Manzullo (IL-16) discuss saving American manufacturing jobs during a Field Hearing of the House Committee on Small Business

Those attending and testifying at the Field Hearing included:

Mr. Jim Garrett, Chicagoland Convention and Visitors Bureau

Mr. Joe Piliewski, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

The Hon. Thomas Murawski, Mayor of Midlothian/Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation

Mr. Bill Hickey, Lapham-Hickey Steel

Mr. Marv Lieberman, Archer Wire

The Hon. David Brady, Village President of Bedford Park

Mr. Francesco Olvera, AFL-CIO

Ms. Melva Hunter, Illinois AFL-CIO

Mr. Zach Mottl, Atlas Tool & Die Works

Mr. Mike Retzer, Save American Manufacturing Now

Nick Bianchi, Chicago Federation of Labor

Mr. Boro Reljic, Illinois Manufacturing Association

Ms. Catherine Schuldt, Butler Wire & Metal Products

Mr. Stanley Savic, Savic Consulting

Mr. Randy Emmitt, Butler Wire & Metal Products

Mr. Richard Svabek, Archer Wire

The Hon. Martin Sandoval, State Senator, 12th District

(September 20, 2005)