Science Committee Approves Lipinski Bill to Spur Development of New, Clean Fuel

Science Committee Approves Lipinski Bill to Spur

Development of New, Clean Fuel

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman Dan Lipinski helped pass a bill through the U.S. House Science Committee to provide a prize for research and development that produces a more efficient and affordable hydrogen-powered car. Representative Lipinski introduced this bill earlier this year along with Rep. Inglis (SC) to establish competitively awarded cash prizes for achievements in the advancement of hydrogen energy technology. Hydrogen holds great promise as a fuel because it produces no harmful emissions and will lessen our need for increasingly expensive fossil fuels that are imported from unstable parts of the world.

"Gas prices have skyrocketed inflicting pain at the pumps and on our economy, but the costs not only affect our pocketbooks, they affect our health and safety," stated Lipinski. "We cannot continue the pollution of our environment and we cannot continue to rely on energy sources from unstable parts of the world. We must find a new solution to our energy needs and hydrogen has great potential to be a solution."

The H-Prize legislation designates prize-eligible categories for research, including: (1) advancements in certain hydrogen components or systems; (2) prototypes of hydrogen-powered vehicles or other hydrogen-based products that meet or exceed certain performance criteria; and (3) transformational changes in technologies for hydrogen distribution or production that meet or exceed far-reaching criteria, including minimal carbon emissions, and which may include cost criteria designed to facilitate the eventual market success of a winning technology.

"America has been at the forefront of new technologies for more than a century because our society encourages creativity and imagination, while protecting property rights and promoting entrepreneurship," said Lipinski. "The H-Prize will tap into American's creativity and imagination to solve one of the greatest problems facing us today."

(May 3, 2006)


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