Resources for Education & Distance Learning

Governor Pritzker announced on April 17, 2020 that all K-12 schools in Illinois will remain closed for the remainder of the school year. Distance learning will continue to take place. Valuable resources and educational tools to assist you during these unprecedented times can be found below. 


Emergency Education Funding

The CARES Act provides approximately $31 billion in emergency education funding to students, schools, institutions, and states across the country and $3 billion to governors for emergency education relief that can be spent on school districts, institutions of higher education, or both. Based on the information that Congress has received the estimated CARES Act grant amounts that Illinois will receive are $108,521,000 under the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund and $569,467,000 under the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund.

The CARES Act gives states $13 billion to support school districts. This funding helps to cover a wide range of activities, including:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing schools
  • Purchasing educational technology, such as laptops and hotspot devices
  • Training educators to use online learning tools
  • Ensuring access to education for students with disabilities
  • Providing students emergency funding for food, housing, and other basic essentials

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Educational Resources

The group Common Sense has brought together over 25 organizations including The American Federation of Teachers, Apple, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Google, Head Start, Khan Academy, National Geographic, PBS, and Scholastic to create a free website that will combine resources from publishers and education companies for students to use that you can find here

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Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity 

Illinois state agencies have released a wi-fi hotspot map to help students across the state who lack internet access in their homes. As of April 15th the wi-fi map has 200 hotspots students can use to complete coursework. To find a wi-fi hotspot near you click here.

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Resources for Students with Disabilities

There are several resources available to make distance learning more accessible, engaging, and effective for K-12 learners with disabilities.

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Resources for Educators and Parents

As parents and educators support students during this shift to distance learning, these resources are available to help smooth the transition. There are also a number of free ways for educators to connect with their students, as well as creative content resources to keep students engaged.

Free online conferencing and video platforms for teachers


Staying Active

  • The Chicago Park District has an online resource of videos and printable activities for adults and children to stay active while indoors, including worksheets, meditation, and video exercises.

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Supporting English Learners

As classes transition, it is critical to support all student populations. There are many resources available to support English learners as they continue with their education.

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At Home Activities

While we continue to practice social distancing, federal agencies have developed informative home activities to keep children engaged. These include online resources for STEM, Social Studies, Reading, and Fine Arts, as well as resources for educators. Please refer to the resources below.

STEM Education


Social Studies

Fine Arts

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Resources for Educators

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School Dismissals

On April 17th, 2020, Governor JB Pritzker announced that in-person learning in schools will not resume during the 2019-2020 school year with remote learning days to continue for all Pre-K through 12th grade students.

The CDC has provided checklists for parents and teachers if school or childcare programs are dismissed. Checklists for parents are available here and checklists for teachers are available here.

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School District COVID-19 Information

Various school districts in the Third District have provided guidance for students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. This information can vary and include e-learning guidance, meal pick-up information, district updates, and more. See below for information for public school districts, high school districts, and private and religious schools.



Public Grammar School Districts – COVID-19 Information

Public High School Districts – COVID-19 Information

Private Grammar & High Schools – COVID-19 Information  

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