Lipinski Introduces Bill to Help Bring Peace and Quiet to Residents Near Railroad Tracks (March 12, 2018)

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) has introduced the Expanding Resources to Establish Quiet Zones Act to provide local communities with additional resources to install the safety equipment necessary to create quiet zones, areas where trains do not sound their horns at crossings.  These enhanced measures not only improve safety at grade crossings, but also relieve area residents of the irritation of hearing train horns at all hours.

“As someone who grew up less than one hundred yards from railroad tracks, I’m very familiar with the hassles rail traffic can bring in the form of blocked crossings, noisy idling trains, and horns that wake people in the middle of the night,” Rep. Lipinski stated.  “I promise to continue working to bring more peace and quiet to individuals and families who reside near railroad tracks, while also improving safety.  This bill would help do that.”

Lipinski’s bill increases the authorized levels of funding for programs that can fund quiet zones by a total of $95 million over the next two fiscal years.  It also adds the definition of quiet zones to existing law in order to make it clear that these important improvements are eligible to receive federal funding.

“For years, trains came through the center of our town blaring their horns at all hours of the day and night,” said Oak Lawn Mayor Sandra Bury.  “Congressman Lipinski recognized that this was a true quality-of-life issue for Oak Lawn’s residents.  Now, Oak Lawn enjoys the quiet zone benefits every day and this would not have happened without Congressman Lipinski.  We are truly indebted to him and are thankful for this leadership.  A quiet zone may seem like a small thing, but I can tell you that in Oak Lawn it has been truly transformative.”

“Congressman Lipinski’s determination and ability to bring groups together is a true asset,” stated Chicago Ridge Mayor Charles Tokar.  “I want to thank him for his ongoing efforts to bring some relief to area residents in the form of establishing much-needed quiet zones.  It is my hope that this legislation will lead to good news for our community and other municipalities across the nation.”

“As a community with busy railroad tracks running through it, we are grateful to have someone like Rep. Lipinski looking out for us,” said Lockport Mayor Steven Streit.  “The tracks run very close to our Old Canal Days event, which takes place every June.  With lots of families walking across or near the tracks, Lipinski recognized potential safety concerns and was pivotal in our negotiations to get the trains to slow down while the event is going on.  On behalf of the residents of Lockport, I want to thank the Congressman for all his hard work, and I look forward to one day seeing our community and the surrounding area benefiting from his quiet zones bill.”

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