Reps. Lipinski and King Secure Tax Benefit for Commuters Using Public Transportation (December 21, 2015)

Reps. Dan Lipinski (IL-3) and Peter King’s (NY-2) legislation that increases and permanently extends a tax benefit that helps people who use public transit has been signed into law as part of a larger tax package.  This benefit helps more people use public transportation, eases congestion on the roads, supports the economy, and increases quality of life.

“The commuter tax benefit is essential to getting Americans to and from work each day,” said Congressman Lipinski.  “Unfortunately, the benefit has not enjoyed permanent status and was reduced in 2014 from $235 to $130.  Rep. Peter King and I have been pushing the Ways & Means committee all year to restore this benefit and make it permanent.  Our most recent request was heeded and the benefit has been raised to provide parity with the parking benefit.”

With 2.7 million workers using the transit benefit to travel between home and work, Lipinski and King applaud Congress for taking action to ensure that riders of public transportation are provided with the same benefits as other commuters.  The benefit encourages public transportation ridership, which helps get cars off the road, reduces overall emissions, and eliminates lost time and delays.